Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Triathlete's Christmas

So even though my family is Jewish, my Japanese grandmother who lived with us practically until her passing in '09 was Episcopalian. For her, we celebrated Christmas every year for her. It turned into such a great holiday for family gathering, that my Jewish grandparents looked forward to Christmas every year. So this is how the Christmas tradition went in my family. When we woke up Christmas morning, we could only open one present from an out of town relative. We had to wait until after Christmas dinner was finished and the table was cleared before we could open presents. My dad makes a gastronomic feast, he flies in a 3 month aged prime prime rib from NY, stone crabs, a turkey from a Mennonite farm in Pennsylvania, and more. As a child, I would rush through this amazing dinner, just to be able to open my presents.

Now, I feel like it's a triathlete's Christmas waiting for all this amazing stuff from all the Team Trakkers sponsors, except the day and dinner seem to last forever. I just want to open my presents (my packages of TRISLIDE, AVIA, CANARI, TYR, FIRST ENDURANCE...ETC)

MERRY TRICHRISTMAS to all my Team Trakkers Teammates!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you! Keep your eyes open for the Brown Santa...he is the deliverer of many TriChristmas treats!!

  2. I must look out my front door at least 5 times a day.. not to look at snow banks but to see if the trigods (trakkers etc) have sent me anything exciting. :) It is truly like Christmas... but w/o that final date to wait for... :D

  3. I like the way your dad thinks about food. That sounds like MY kind of feast.

    Thank goodness gluttony is not a sin.

  4. That's such a cool story! I love family bonding/stories!! The feast sounds perfect!!

    Enjoy your Christmas as the season goes on!!