Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You get what you give...and sometimes more...

I felt the need to acknowledge one of my sponsors PowerBar for their amazing support over the past year and half.

As I have written in a previous post, it is so important to support businesses who have corporate philosophies that align with your beliefs. People can rant and rave on Facebook, Slowtwitch, etc. for good or for bad, but I don't think you have much efficacy. Where you have efficacy is with the mighty ole' dollar. Support companies you agree with and don't support those who you don't agree with. It's that simple. If enough people agree with you the companies you support, they will know what they are doing is well received by the public. On the other hand, those companies who lose support will either go out of business or change their ways to retain/gain customers.

In short, our money speaks louder then our words.

That said, PowerBar has done so much for me and my charitable causes without any recognition. It's time that they get recognized for the amazing support they have given me and my charities.

While I try to help work events when I can, PowerBar has supported every charity request I have asked of them. From a small weekend training group of forty runners with Achilles International (they provide disabled runners the opportunity to participate in mainstream athletics), to the complete hydration and nutrition needs for a 2000+ participant charity ride and run I am helping promote, The Tour de Broward, they gave everything I asked for without hesitation.

I don't think my support at a couple of events during the year is equivalent to the incredible support they have given me and my charitable causes. That said, I do believe that you have to give to get. I do what I can to support them, and they have ten-fold shown their support of me.

They truly show how much they care about the athletes  the greater communities they serve, and more. In today's world full of corporate greed and corruption, this is TRULY a company I am proud to represent and support.

That said, besides being a great company, they truly have the best sports nutrition products on the market. Next time you need a bar, gel, gel blast, fruit blend, hydration beverage, supplement, etc., choose a company you TRULY want to support. I know I will always choose PowerBar.

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